Combi ovens and R 300 range

A complete range of Combi ovens for use with mains steam or in self steam generating form

Electrically fired for meal regeneration or meat, fish and vegetable cooking and with applications for bakers for ham cooking and similar applications

Humidity control, timers, self steam generation, delayed start facility, fan assisted and all types of controls

Express (pizza)

A selection of conveyor ovens including counter top size through to industrial for defrosting, cooking, roasting and browning for all types of products from pizza to meringues and gratinee

Variable conveyor speeds and temperature controls allow throughputs of from, say, 25 to 250 frozen pizzas per hour

Only available electric fired but with the unique feature of atomised humid environment to ensure crunchy finish and to maintain product integrity

Infra red ovens

Industrial continuous ovens for browning, colouring, toasting, drying, caramelising, pasteurising and cooking of all types of food including shell fish, pies, cakes, quiche, joints of meat, wings, and similar products

The infrared elements are encapsulated in stainless steel to avoid any contamination of product

Variable throughput rates, element heights, and extremely easy access for maintenance<

Drying and smoking ovens (Cellules)

Drying, poaching, smoking and general cooking of all charcuterie types of product, vegetables (e.g. air dried tomatoes), fish and poultryAvailable with a multitude of options including steaming, water douche, cooling, HACCP information, horizontal or vertical air flow

Efficient and economic in use

Continuous cooking

All types of continuous cooking ovens for general food products

Designed to suit individual requirements and parameters

Standard Cellules

A typical large installation of standard charcuterie drying ovens at a major French factory

Turnkey supply, installation and commissioning available