As usual we have recently been involved in an eclectic mix of projects. These have ranged from the cooking and manufacture of hummus to fish sauces, ready meal manufacture to production of veruka cream, double cream chocolate ganache to blanching and cooling of vegetables. Major recent undertakings have involved two pickle manufacturers requiring process vessels for piccallily, apple chutneys and mango products where we supplied specialist vessels for mixing and cooking these.

Two tumblers have recently been supplied, one for the coating of potatoes with oil prior to roasting, whilst the other is blending salads. A heavy duty blender for the production of flapjack mixes is now happily rumbling along in a leading bakery.

Our expertise in the production of large quantities of chick pea cooking and the subsequent manufacture of hummus has been continuously on call for a number of large and small manufacturers who required all aspects of the process to be addressed to ensure high quality production in the most efficient machinery. Our copyrighted cooking method for the cooking and cooling of the peas has attracted a great deal of attention and is under constant development.

Our own range of equipment has been very popular with the supply of a number of butter blockers and melters, and where one of the blockers has been modified in design to enable its use in breaking frozen blocks of various herbs in the manufacture of curry sauces.

Following trials, a major UK food producer has installed six Tin Wizard can openers in a line that includes straining and emptying of the cans. Each station was equipped with its own Tin Wizard Can Crusher making them self contained and highly efficient.

A good recent order was for a process vessel for the manufacture of meat pie fillings for potato and meat and potato pies, whilst an existing customer upgraded their curry production line with the addition of a self steam generating cooking vessel of 500 litre capacity and which is working 24 hours a day for 6 days a week!

Despite the present difficulties in the economy, we remain busy and often the first stop for processors to find the right equipment.